The best testimony of my life

Radka Drábiková9. mar 2022 · 2 min reading

One Saturday morning, a few years ago, I was walking through the Šalian pedestrian zone with my little daughter. It was a beautiful spring day, the sun was warming us and the air smelled beautifully of the flowering trees. Everything looked perfect, beautiful, I met a lot of acquaintances, I exchanged a few words and smiles with everyone, but inside me I experienced the worst period of my life. I lived alone with my little daughter without a husband who left me, I was left alone for everything. I was at zero with my finances. Feelings of loneliness, disappointment and fear accompanied me every day.

This was a few years ago. Today I live a beautiful and good life. I got married again, I have two wonderful daughters, I started a business and I’m doing well, I’m not short of money, I live in a beautiful big house with a garden. I am no longer abandoned, I am not unhappy, I do not worry, I do not cry and… You ask, what happened? How is it possible? No, I did not meet the prince on a white horse, nor did I win the lottery, nor did I inherit millions. Much more has happened in my life.

On Saturday morning, as I was walking through the square, music and songs could be heard from a distance. I was curious what was happening on the podium for MsÚ. And something happened that I will never forget. A live band played on stage, smiling people standing there with open hearts. They praised God and gave testimonies of how God acts in their lives. I didn’t understand then. I still had problems then. And these people looked so smooth, they smiled, they talked to other passers-by. They spoke of God, of Jesus as wonderful and miraculous. And I left this place and I didn’t understand it.

I asked myself the questions: Why don’t God and Jesus work a miracle in my life? Why aren’t they with me? Why did all this bad have to happen to me? And why do these people out there even talk about how happy they are? Despite my initial anger and mixed feelings, I returned to the square the next Saturday and listened again to the praises, testimonies, and took the magazine, the leaflet. And I went there for several weekends in a row.

Shortly afterwards, I decided to accept an invitation to meet together in the Living Faith (Živá Viera).

Here I received the Lord Jesus Christ into my heart and it was my first right decision in my new life. I am no longer alone – my God is with me, he loves me, he has forgiven my sins and he takes care of me, my family and I know he will never leave me. Our God loves us with selfless love, is faithful and always stands by us.

Today I know that seeking love, understanding, support from men, people, friends is only temporary and often false. Trust in and from people is hard to gain, but we can always trust God, at all times. He is always here for us, he always has time, he is in no hurry and he is a good friend.

This is my testimony of how God entered my life, how He helped me change him, and I am grateful that He chose me as His child of God.

Make the right decision. ????

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